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Plungė “Samogitian art museum”

Parko st. 1, Plungė
Ph./fax.: +370 448 52 492, +370 448 57 643.
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At the moment this museum is closed because of an internal restoration.


Memorial museum of writer Žemaitė

Reopening at the end of June
Bukantė, Godeliai village, Šatekiai subdistr. Plungė distr.
Ph. +370 687 52 836.

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1. New exposition of writer's belongings.

2. Exposition of wooden art of S. Riauba.

3. Croos - works. Folk art exposition of region Plungė.


The Plateliai Manor Barn

Didžioji st. 22, Plateliai, Plungė distr.,
Ph.: +370 686 09 874, +370 677 86 518.


New, attractive, interesting, modern expositions, new experience and the spirit of Samogitia.

  • Historical-Ethnographic exhibition (highlights the ancient Plateliai-crafts, entertainments, courtiers and ordinary people’s lives) .
  • New and playful Nature exposition (offers access to interactive wildlife of Samogitian national park and educational tour.
  • Exhibition hall which constantly filled with new expositions.

Shrove Tuesday museum

Didžioji st. 24, Plateliai, Plungė distr.
Ph. tel. +370 659 07 918.

In the former estate Stable of Manor is founded Shrove Tuesday museum and it offers:

  • The colorful exhibition of Shrove Tuesday mask
  • The presentation of traditional Shrove Tuesday celebration in the Samogitia


The Cold War exposition

Address: Šilinė st. 4, Plokščiai, Plungė distr.

Coordinates 369506, 6212885 (LKS) or 21.906174, 56.032209 (WGS).

Tel. +370 616 15710, +370 677 86 574.



It was reopend after reconstraction in 2011.

  • The exposition is situated in the forest of Plokštinė in the former grounds of launching the nuclear missiles of the Soviet army built in 1962.
  • It’s a unique museum in hall Europe and it meets all hygiene and security standards after reconstruction was made.


Museum of poet Vytautas Mačernis

Alsėdžių st. 3, Žemaičių Kalvarija, Plungė distr.,
Ph: +370 615 36524.

There is a box of donation.

The exposition tells about the life and creation of Lithuanian poet Vytautas Mačernis.



Museum of folk art and ethnography of Regina and Justinas Jonušai

Gudeliai village, Plateliai subdistr., Plungė distr.

Ph. +370 448 48 719.

There is a box of donation.

There you can see paintings and wooden pieces of art of the folk artists, in the old garner there is a small museum of ethnography.



The garner of Kazys Striaupa

Dovainiai village, Plateliai subdistr., Plungė distr.
Ph. +370 448 49 432.

There is a box of donation

In the garner built by the folk artist you can see interesting carvings of wood about history, religion and hum orous sceneries describing the life in the village.



Leonardas Černiauskas‘ art gallery–creative workshop

Babrungėnai village, Plateliai subdistr., Plungė distr.

Ph. +370 448 50 658, +370 685 69 566.

In the former water mill of Babrungėnai wooden pieces of art and paintings created by the artist himself and collection of ancient things are exhibited.


 The exposition of folk art of R. Laima

Skirpsčiai village, Plungė distr.

Ph. +370 686 39 568.

Carvings exposition is founded in the ancient barn of the grange. Sculptures, bas-reliefs - ancient gods, Christian saints, manors, rural images, Shrove Tuesday masks.



The exposition of folk art of V. Jaugėla

Gintališkės village, Plungė distr.

Ph. +370 448 46 716.

V. Jaugėla - various cultural events organizator, photographer, lover of movies, wood carver, painter, antiquities collector. His wood works: Christian and pagan gods, Shrove Tuesday masks, bas-reliefs.


The studio - gallery ,,Arts for yoursef" of V. Vagnorius

Stalgėnai village, Plungė distr.

Ph. +370 614 70 501.


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