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Welcome to Plungė region

Plungė’s district is situated in the Northern West of Lithuania. The district is divided into 11 ward: Plungė town, Alsėdžiai, Babrungas, Kuliai, Nausodis , Paukštakiai, Plateliai, Stalgėnai, Šateikiai, Žemaičių Kalvarija, Žlibinai. The cultural heritage of Plungė region is rich in both material and nonmaterial senses. We can still hear the Samogitian dialect today in the region and find traces of the region’s noble past in its old cemeteries, urban development, unique scenery and particularly alive traditions of folk art. Plungė district is proud of having most magnificent and well kept the ensemble of the mansion of duke M. Oginskis, it attracts attention of every visitor.

Unlike other districts, Plungė district is famous for its literary and sacral art heritage. In the district of Plungė anyone can feel the spirit of Žemaitė, V. Mačernis, S Čiurlionienė-Kymantaite, Šatrijas Ragana and other classics of literature that still stoke creative ambitions of young creators. District distinguishes itself for its unique baroque style wooden churches of Alsėdžiai, Gintališkė, Gegrėnai, Beržoras and Plateliai. There are two Roads of the Passion in Plungė district – Žemaičių Kalvarija and Beržoras, the feast of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary attracts thousands of pilgrims from different countries (

Plateliai – the most beautiful and historically interesting town of Plungė region in Samagotia. Plateliai environs are surrounded by lakes, by beautiful and unique nature and therefore it attracts the lovers of both active and passive recreation. The lakes invite to windsurf, row a boat, or water bicycle. Tourist can enjoy the natural beauty of the country side and its local drinks and food.

  Plateliai environs have master wood workers such as Stanislovas Riauba and Jonas and Regina Jonušai and they still carve their unique wood sculptures. Kazys Striaupa, Vytas Jaugėla, Gediminas and Leonardas Černiauskai, Antanas Vaskys and Rimantas Laima have been turned their home into museums (

The singularity of Plungė is conditioned by ability of people of Plungė to cherish and be proud of their past, to be conscious of the present and to have clear vision of the future.

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